Are Tattoos Addictive?

I got my first tattoo when I finally got to the legal age which seemed to take forever, since I was drawing tattoos on myself since I was knee high to a grasshopper! (Like the time when I was 13 and drew a classic black panther crawling up my forearm – not the sort of thing yo would normally see on a thirteen year old girl – when I got home my Mum raised her eyebrows and said “what have you done this time…”

My first piece of body art was a design I created of two fish intertwining and I got it on my butt. I thought that would be the easiest to hide – which it was but I was surprised at how much it hurt. But they say the reason why tattoos are addictive is because the pain you feel when it is getting done releases endorphins in the brain which makes you feel “joyous” it’s like getting in a car and going as fast as you can – it’s the same endorphins that are released from the high.

However every person has their own reason for getting a tattoo and it doesn’t necessarily they are addicted to tattoos. Some people like the artwork of a particular artist, some people get them in memory of loved ones, some people get them to be a part of a group.

After my first tattoo I got my next one six months later – and I have to say I really enjoyed the experience of being under the needle and the “rush” afterwards. Then I waited another year for my next tattoo. Over a five year period I got five more tattoos. I have friends that feel the same way – the thought of getting a new tattoo is really exciting and then I have a friend who had one tattoo and would never go through the pain again. So I guess it is all relative and up to personal disgression.

So I am sorry no answers here I still haven’t really found out why more and more people are getting artworks on their bodies. But as far as I am concerned they are definately addictive.

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