Award Winning Tattoo

New Zealand AIDS Foundation - Advertising Campaign

Ok ok it may not look like much to you avid tattoo wearers, but back in 1997 when the world was a very different place. I was asked by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation to design their advertising campaign to promote safe sex. It was an exciting project for a young designer.

An idea was thrown around about a tattoo design that could be the symbol for the campaign SAFE SEX FOREVER. Bear in mind that this was before tattoo’s were regarded as commonplace. Before advertising campaigns like Jean Paul Gautier’s Le Male perfume. I developed 12 tattoo designs and the one shown is the final design. The photos that I took were then colour altered to create a more striking image. I produced a television commercial, billboard, posters, postcards and tattoo transfers. The campaign went on to win AdMedia (NZ) billboard of the month award and NZAF Media Award.

But the best thing of all was walking into a packed dance venue with 2000+ people wearing my tattoo design – it’s a feeling that can’t quite be described!

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