Creative Tattoo Ideas for Women

Creative Tattoo Ideas

When you walk into a tattoo parlour or tattoo shop do you feel disappointed when all you see on the walls are old skool tattoo flash that have been around for what seems like centuries? We are now in 2012 so why would I want to get an old sailor tattoo from the 1800’s (unless that’s your look). Whilst skulls and cross bones and dragons are great, as a woman I am looking for something a little more feminine and little more “me”.

So let’s step out of the box for a minute – have you ever seen an illustrated book or album cover and thought WOW I love that drawing or image? Well now with a skilful tattooist if you love it that much you can have it tattooed onto your body for life. Now the reason I bring up books and album covers is that I think we are missing a golden opportunity by not looking at illustrators websites.

What I mean is sites like or you name the style or image you will find it here, click on an image you like will then show you other similar style images that are amazing. It will open up different creative tattoo ideas that you may never have thought of – whether it is simplistic line drawings or photo realistic style images.

Then there is that is a wicked resource for great images that can be modified into awesome tattoos, but when I titled this post “Creative Tattoo Ideas” well this is where it get’s funky because rather than just taking one stock image or illustrators style, think about incorporating those elements together.

Also remember that at the end of the day your tattooist is essentially an artist, and should do their utmost to advise you of what things work in ways of composition, and placement. Remember that you will be their walking advertisement for years and years to come, so it is in their best interests to make the tattoo perfect for you.

Also if looking at tattoos that really work why not check out and browse the tattoo category it’s a great free way to look at thousands of different styles that might surprise you.

Before getting your new unique tattoo make sure you have looked at your tattooist portfolio to make sure he or she is capable of creating the tattoo that you want. If they don’t please keep looking until you find a tattooist you are happy with, or it could be something you will regret.

creative tattoo ideas
Before getting the tattoo

Creative Tattoo Ideas

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