Dot Work Tattoo

Dot Work Tattoo in Progress

Dot work tattoos are especially suited for tattoos for women and girls because of their subtle and delicate nature. These tattoo designs draw inspiration from traditional African, Indian and Chinese tattoos where the method of tattooing was simple piercing of the skin and then having ashes rubbed into the cut. Geometric designs work extremely well for dot work tattoos as you can see this is what I would like to achieve when my tattoo is complete.

But these designs are a little more complicated creating a picturesque shapes to create shading with by spacing the dots further apart for lighter areas and closer together for darker areas (simple really).

Whilst some tattoos can stereo type you into a certain look these dot work tattoos are subtle yet distinctive. The unique nature of them when applied to the body creates amazing depth of design. This particular section was inspired by the great Tomas Tomas.

Dot Work Tattoo


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