Feminine Tattoos

How about letting your imagination go wild.


can come from anywhere. By flicking through magazines, watching Noir movies or cartoons – anywhere really.

tattoo ideas
Pay attention to things in the background – see the subtle swirls in the background – they would make perfect tattoos.

25 thoughts on “Feminine Tattoos

  1. @lolyounoob1
    its obvious enough!

  2. Tattoos are now mainstream and there are people from all walks of life, male and female who look really cool with a nice tattoo. Some of these designs are great!

  3. Some tattoos are cool,and the music is so much cool:prelude cello suite 1 by Bach,but with other instrument!!!!

  4. @HandsomeTroll your just sterotyping thats all your doing. its like saying if your mexican you have 10 kids. its not the truth. but obviously there are people who are like that or there wouldnt be a sterotype. and expecally cuz we live in different country im sure the sterotypes arnt the same either.

  5. @crowthejuggalo1 Nobody is committed to the clothes they wear. If a girl walking around half naked receives offensive comments she has the option to dress more appropriately. In contrast, girls with visible tattoos are stuck with receiving offensive comments for life. Fine if they’re single-minded and dismiss billions of people as being “unenlightened”. But not so great they’re pathetic sheep only doing it to appease their peers and get more attention.

  6. @HandsomeTroll if i saw a girl walking around half naked i’d think she was a whore cuz shes dressed like that not cuz she has a tattoo. that like clothes you wear to a club to party. its not really practical for day to day life… those are people who are looking for attention any ways. not everybody is like that but nobody notices that cuz their not half naked in public.

  7. @HandsomeTroll honestly most these tattoos are either not real or ugly….personally i’d never put stuff like this on my body. these are hard to miss cuz their tastless and what not… but i dont have to tell you that. just cuz its a tatto dosent make it cool or sexy. lol ive seen some stupid tattoos but to each their own. and if this girll had a shirt on you wouldnt see the tattoo at all…. unless their dressing to get attention any ways. i think thats the people your talking about

  8. @crowthejuggalo1 How can anyone “barely notice” tattoos like the ones in this vlog? Perhaps this explains why people are getting larger tattoos and more of them; small solitary tattoos no longer command attention. Also, perhaps you should consult a more objective audience re: tattoos versus promiscuity. Your brothers and their friends are hardly likely to say anything detrimental to your trade & lifestyle. And maybe your partner has tattoos…?

  9. @HandsomeTroll and i have 6 brothers (and a few of their friends) they all read you comment and said the girl’s tattoos dont even cross their mind when it comes to sex. they say they look at who the girl is. what ahe acts like. how they feel with her. stuff that counts. they say they barley notice tattoos beside for the art they are. like a poster on a wall. they all rather have a relationship with someone they connect with mentally and emotionally.

  10. @HandsomeTroll and there are many painless tattoo removal methods. lazers are for people who are impatient. i do believe kids shouldnt get tattoos cuz their going through a mental transition and probably are going to pick something stupid.if someone let you get tattooed at 6 you probably be stuck with a ninja turtle forever…lol. people should take time and put thought into what your getting cuz it is there perrmenantly.

  11. @HandsomeTroll well thats your country and your laws. i have laws i have to abide by or i lose my kids to the state. ive had tattoos for years. the only ones i regret were ones that didnt look on the skin like they did on the pic. and thay really dont bother me at all. and tattoos almost go unoticed here cuz alot of people have tattoos. by the time our kids are grown most people will have at least one tattoo. most my work i do are names… kids names,parents names…i refuse to do coupls names

  12. @crowthejuggalo1 This is true. Also, 75% of men believe that tattooed girls are more promiscuous and less inhibited (re: anal sex, etc). So if you’re looking for an easy adventurous fuck then tattooed girls would appear to be ideal; but probably not the type girl you’d fall in love with. There are even tattooed men who consider tattooed girls to be slutty.

  13. @crowthejuggalo1 Shame it’s not that thorough in the UK. There are thousands of 14-17 years olds walking around with rubbish tattoos that I could draw better with a biro. These tattoos ARE indeed for other people; to “impress” their peers or increase their span of attention. They will inevitably grow to regret them; and some will eventually go through painful surgery to have them removed – preferring scars to the once “meaningful” trash tags they said they would love for life.

  14. @HandsomeTroll and people dont get tattoos for other people. usually thats the last thing on their mind. i know this cuz i do tattoos on people. i know what other people thought was the last thing on my mind when i got my tattoos. and another thing if your not going to a licensed tattoo artist you may just be asking for trouble. but for the most part all needles are to be throwen away. most tips are also disposeible now days. all come in sterial little packages like hospitals use.

  15. @HandsomeTroll no medical qualifications? to get cerrtified i had to take classess….nursing classess. same as a nurse. i hav to hav my bbp/cpr certificate along with being certificated by the state which intails a apprentice ship with a licesened tattoo artist whitch can last up to 2 years. then an inspector come and watchs you do a tattoo and decided if you pass the test or not. i dont know about in the uk but if i get busted giving someone a tatto under 18 w/o parent consent its child abuse

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