Hello fellow tattoo fans!

I have been drawing tattoo designs since I can’t remember when (probably from about when I was 12 actually which is far too long ago). I work as a graphic designer for my day time job, which gives me alot of time to research images and play with creative relationships between elements. But there is something completely different and fresh about tattoo designs when it is taken from a flat 2-D piece of paper and transferred onto a living human being the artwork takes on a completely new lease of life.

New Tattoo Coming Soon!

Unfortunately some designs don’t translate onto the skin medium as well as others do, but it’s about the individuals choice that makes them so special – a piece of art that will stay with you for life – good or bad. I currently have eight tattoos and have been working on my latest design for the last three years. The trouble with being a designer is that my ideas are constantly evolving. Luckily I have recently been put in contact with a fantastic tattoo artist that with his years of experience can help me tweek my design so that when it gets transferred onto the skin it will work seemlessly. Because as I said before what looks good on paper when translated onto a 3-D form takes on a completely different dimension.

Anyway this will be the first post of many regarding tattoo design. I will be talking in later posts about how to design your own tattoos so it makes them even more special to you. I will also cover the basics of choosing your tattoo and pre-cautions you need to take before getting inked.

That’s it for now but be sure to come back where I will be also talking about great tattoo products.


One thought on “Hello fellow tattoo fans!

  1. This site gives a brilliant insight in to the world of tattooing, it is not an easy subject to discuss even if you have been inked. Do your research like this Lady has and you won’t go wrong. Its your skin , your imagination and a Tattoo Artists skill that will bring the whole thing alive !

    Dede [ fully inked all over ]

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