London Tattoo Convention

WOW yes yes yes it’s coming! The London Tattoo Convention is drawing closer and I for one can’t wait. 24th – 26th September 2010

There will be potentially thousands of people there waiting to get tattooed. But I would suggest you use this event to get the rare opportunity to watch the artists performing and at work. Pick up their business cards or take down their details.

For those of you who have had tattoos before you might find the sound of all those needles make you want to jump under the nearest tattoo gun. But remember this is the best chance to get to see the best tattoo artist in the country and some truly amazing overseas artists too.

If you do go with the hope of getting a tattoo over the weekend I suggest you buy the weekend pass and of all things go prepared with your artwork if you need some ideas check out this site  Tattoo Fever. You have to get there quite early and essentially on the first day to track down an artist to see if it is possible to get work done over the weekend, but there are so many tattoo artists there with a vast erray of styles and specialties. Just enjoy the talent on display.

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