Researching Tattoo Designs!

When deciding on your tattoo design one of the most important things to keep in mind is the design you choose is going to be with you for as long as you live (unless you get laser removal).

1. RESEARCH: Don’t regret your tattoo decision 10 years down the track. The internet today is full of tattoo designs so there is no excuse not to do a lot of research before you go under the needle. One of the best resources I have found over the years is TattooMeNow it is easy to find different styles of tattoo’s to fit just about anybodies tastes.

2. RESEARCH: Once you have chosen some designs print them out at approximately the size you would like it. Go down to your friendly tattoo parlour and talk to one of the artists, have a look at some of their artwork to see if their skills match your dream tattoo style. You can also at this point see if they have any suggestions in modifying the tattoo design to make it truly unique and not just another replicated tattoo you’ve seen a hundred times before.

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