Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Small Wrist Tattoos For Men And Women –

Small wrist tattoos are extremely popular nowadays for both male and female tat enthusiasts. These can be attributed to several reasons which we will be discussing in this article. Moreover, we will be looking at tattoo designs and ideas for your wrist that you can explore.


Wrist tattoos are cheap and can be done in short period of time. Since the wrist is a small body canvas, the image rendered on this area of the body are naturally on a miniature scale. With that being said, it will cost you less money as compared to getting huge designs. Moreover, it will require less time so you don’t have to sit for hours on the tattoo studio. Before you know it, you will be up and running in a few hours ready to flaunt your new tattoo. There is just something trendy and cool about this type of tat that even celebrities like Rhianna and Kate Perry are sporting one.


When it comes to disadvantages, there are two factors that you need to look on. First of all, the wrist is a painful part of the body to get tattooed since there are less tissues in that area to cushion the skin during the tattooing process. Another disadvantage is the fact that it might be harder to conceal when you compare it to other hidden body parts. However, as most tat lovers say, the pain is nothing unbearable and it will be worth it in the end especially if its a design that you really love. In terms of hiding it, you can just wear long-sleeve shirts or tops or cover it with wrist bands or chunky bracelets.

Small Wrist tattoos for Women

Women love this tattoo theme because they can incorporate feminine and cute designs. Favorites like flowers, stars and butterflies would definitely look great. Lettering tattoos usually the one word kind are really very popular nowadays and every one has their own way of putting their unique twist to it. Of course, if one wants to get really personal, there is always the zodiac sign glyph or symbol to go for.

Don’t forget the bracelet kind of wrist tats wherein you can have the design wrap around the whole area. You can also mimic rosary beads or claddagh bracelet as your permanent accessory around your wrist.

Small Wrist tattoos for Men

Men preferred this tat theme because of its ability to express strong statement despite the small design. Of course, men go for the masculine type of tattoo art like nautical stars and crosses. The nautical star can be a symbolism as their guide for finding their goals and aspirations in life. Crosses are great to represent their spiritual side. Men also like to go for the classic ones like Celtic art and tribal design for their wrist tattoos

When it comes down to getting small wrist tattoos, it is best to go for simple and non-intricate designs so you can maximize its artistic appeal. Moreover, go for tattoo art that expresses a powerful and strong statement that you believe in.

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