What a Girl Wants? Tattoo Designs

As a graphic designer, artist and tattooist I am sick of seeing the same ol same old tattoos when you walk into a tattoo studio. And I was wondering if it was just me or do other girls feel the same way. As a graphic designer I am constantly drawing and I have been drawing tattoo designs since I was 10 (or somewhere around there). I want to put an ebook together of quality designs for the modern day woman and was wondering if people would be interested in such an ebook? The beauty of it would be tattoos that are more original than the usual butterfly or dolphin type imagery – my aim is to create beautiful feminine designs.

Anyway if you would be kind enough to leave a comment below with your thoughts it would be much appreciated. For the most helpful comments I offer you a complimentary copy of my ebook when it is

2 thoughts on “What a Girl Wants? Tattoo Designs

  1. I personally think that more art deco style tattoos would be really pretty and striking. Thanks for a great site.

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